Work out Sexy Modeling

Work Out And Model

Here is a fun, sexy modeling job that needs well built, attractive adult females, to express their beauty and charisma in what they do best. The model will do her work out while I photograph and video her throughout the session. The photo shoot will take place in the Pittsburgh area. Are you a steady fitness enthusiast who loves to maintain a good figure? Have you ever thought about modeling? Why don’t you give it a try? You don’t need any experience, only your beautiful competitive talents. It will be an excellent experience for you to express your beauty and skills.

Sexy fitness modeling  job

Here are the modeling details and requirements about the shoot.

  • photographing the models
  • filming the models
  • models must be over 18 years old
  • models must have valid id or drivers license for the model release
  • no experience required

Nude fitness modeling

Is only optional and not required. If you want to do nude yoga, you’ll be compensated more for it.

Sexy fitness modeling details

All models must be over 18 years old and possess a valid id card or driver license.

How about being a fitness model?

Interested in this photo shoot? You can start by filling out the modeling application below.  Women who are open to nude modeling please make sure to include that in your submission.

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