Swimwear Photo Shoot

I’m a local photographer in Pittsburgh who is doing a swimwear photo shoot. The shoot is to photograph some summer swimsuit models for mynewmodel.com publications that I publish. I’m searching for attractive adult women in Pittsburgh for my swimwear portrait innovations. A suitable applicant would be someone interested in becoming a model. Women who are interested in test shoots or experienced established models are also welcome to apply. Even if you’re traveling browsing online looking for modeling jobs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this shoot would be an excellent traveling model opportunity.

Swimwear Photo Shoot

The fashion photography that I want to capture is beautiful, swimwear portrait photography. I also want to photo attractive full-body portraits. For this session, the model should have a bikini some summer fashions attire. Anything else that would look good for a summer glamour shoot would also be fantastic to have as well.

For examples the following would be great clothing to have besides the bikini:

  • daisy dukes shorts
  • dress
  • body suits
  • halter tops

Ordinary clothing like I described will make a perfect mix match for the photo shoot.


I’m offering  anywhere from $75 to $100 a hour depending on the models experience. New model pay rates will vary also and depend on the individual models capabilities to pose in various fashions and glamour styles.

Apply now!