Snow Bikini Photo Shoot

A photographer is seeking attractive statured female model talent for a snow bikini photo shoot in Pittsburgh, PA. Would you be able to endure a photo shoot with just a bikini on and boots? If you’re an outgoing, energetic woman, who is interested in modeling or looking for a way to make a quick buck apply now.

Snow bikini photo shoot details

This is a paid modeling job and you don’t need any experience to be a model. Models must be over 18 and produce valid identification for the model release form. You should also be able to pose in the elements for at least ten to 15 min a time.  The photo shoot will last a hour with short breaks so you can warm up in your car.

The photo shoot will take place outdoors in and around snow.

Bikini modeling attire

The model will need the following:

  • bikini
  • boots
  • winter coat
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • sweater


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