Nude Masquerade Mask Photo Shoot

A photographer is seeking an attractive well-statured female for a nude masquerade mask photo shoot. This is a perfect fun and exciting part-time job for a female who is a nude art model.

Also, any ladies who are looking for a little extra income on the side would make an excellent model too. If you’ve never modeled before, don’t be hesitant to apply.

Nude masquerade mask photo shoot details

This is an artistic nude photo shoot which is going to be in a studio setting. The model will pose fully naked wearing a masquerade mask on her face. The photo shoot is about the female form and the suspense of who the model might be behind the masquerade mask.


The requirements

  • over 18 years old
  • well statured
  • any hair color
  • no experience is required
  • petite
  • athletic build
  • tall women
  • in between height women
  • fitness build women
  • busty
  • semi busty

The masquerade masks will be supplied for the model to choose from before they begin to model.


Apply below and make sure to include your phone number for a quicker response.