Modeling Video Gig Female Actress Needed

An attractive female actress who has some acting experience or would like to act in films is preferably needed for this video gig. Being a good talker is a plus! If you want to perform in movies, this is a great modeling video gig to experiment with acting. You should be comfortable with speaking and be able to act out as a glamour model.

Modeling video gig requirements

You should be an adult female who is over 18 and be able to portray a beginner model who is not familiar with various styles of glamour modeling undress:

  • any color hair style
  • tattoos
  • tone fit build
  • height range of  5′ – 4″ to 5′ – 7″ even taller is okay
  • busty women
  • petite

For example:

  • bikini
  • lingerie
  • thong
  • boudoir
  • nude modeling

Nudity is optional! If you can model nude the pay is more!

The details

You will act out as if you’re a model attending a fashion test shoot and after test shooting a while you will be presented with the glamour modeling phase. You will act hesitant and eventually model in various styles of undress. Whatever form of modeling you can do is okay although the modeling must be a minimum of either bikini, lingerie or thong.

This is a short video script with glamour modeling involved if you’re not good at posing V the photographer will show you how to position with samples on printed paper. Actually being an inexperienced model will make the video theme more realistic so don’t worry about being experienced with modeling or acting. All you need to worry about is just be yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

Apply now!

You can apply to my modeling video gig by filling out the application below and make sure to include your phone number in with your information. You will need valid id for the modeling release form when you come into model and act.