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Fall Modeling Workshop

Are you an up and coming female glamour model? Are you interested in learning more about posing in front of the camera? Having experience or not, doesn’t stop the learning process for all of us, including the photographer.

For this workshop, attractive female models will model in various styles of glamour fall fashions. The workshop can lead to paying modeling work for you at the time of the event or after. Models will receive some of the images after the session. To participate, you must be over 18 years old. Email Vince to sign up. Photographers and models needed to participate.

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Nude Glamour Model Workshop

Are you an adult female model interested in nude modeling? Do you want to gain more experience modeling nude? If you’re backward and bashful, posing naked, you have the opportunity right now to eliminate that obstacle.

Learn how to model nude in various glamour styles with an experienced photographer. Become better at posing and learn how to pose as a professional nude art or glamour model. I use examples of poses printed on paper sheets for all my sessions. It’s easy. To get started, email Vince to sign up.

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Email me with any questions you may have or concepts!

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