Lingerie Nude Modeling Gig

Lingerie Nude Modeling

Take a look at this lingerie fine art nude modeling gig and what it’s offering. Maybe it’s for you?. I’m a local photographer who is casting for not only your typical model, but both experienced and new up and coming models without experience whop are interested in glamour modeling. What I’m hoping to recruit are attractive adult women who have an interest in nude and lingerie modeling. I shoot various styles of artistic nude and glamour nude photo sessions for my model publications. I combine both nude styles with fashionable lingerie shoots.

Lingerie nude modeling details

A lingerie nude modeling gig creative and artistic can be hard to locate, especially with all of the on line scams. Are you interested in becoming a model who focuses on these two categories but is not sure where to start? Here is a perfect photo shoot opportunity that offers a versatile theme that will suit your accommodations and limits. Nude modeling always doesn’t require full nudity in the picture or scene. A model can pose implied, topless, and fully naked. The setting all depends on the situation and the model’s capability of feeling comfortable nude in front of the camera.

Below is a sample from one of my nude sessions:

Lingerie modeling gig styles

  • nude glamour
  • lingerie
  • swimwear
  • artistic nude modeling
  • fashion

Mode  builds with any of the the following looks :

  • busty
  • petite
  • tall
  • short
  • redhead
  • blonde
  • brunette
  • dirty blonde
  • black hair
  • bleach blonde
  • freckles

If you’re not interested, maybe one of my other modeling jobs will interest you. To find out more about them go to my gigs page for more details on what modeling opportunities are available. You can also apply here to mynewmodel.

This is a paying gig!


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