Glamour Modeling Audition

Glamour Modeling Audition

Have you been trying to find a fashion or glamour modeling audition so you can get started with your modeling career? No need to search any further.

Glamour modeling audition

Here is an excellent modeling opportunity for you to start getting some exposure so you can eventually get noticed. You’ll also end up with some quality exposed pictures for your portfolio creation.

Being a glamour model usually doesn’t have any specific height requirements, so if you’re on the short side, that should be a problem for you. On the other hand, fashion modeling standards have a specific height requirement in the area of 5’9″-6″. Regardless of how tall you are won’t make a difference for you to audition and try out.

Audition categories

Here are some different categories of ongoing modeling shoots that need models. Perhaps you may want to audition for one or two and start modeling?.

  • fashion model
  • swimwear model
  • lingerie model
  • glamour model
  • artistic nude model
  • glamour nude model

Whichever styles of modeling you like will eventually lead up to paying opportunities once you have gained some experience. The best part about being an independent model is you won’t have to pay agency fees or their photographer for updated images so you can add them to your portfolio or social networking profile.

Audition requirements

To audition to be a new model, you must be over 18 years old and possess a valid form of identification either an id card or driver’s license. You will also be responsible for bringing your attire to wear and having hair and make up organized. You do not need any prior modeling experience to try out.


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