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Interested in modeling?

Are you an attractive woman looking for a modeling position in Pittsburgh? Have you been  browsing online searching for a quick gig so you can start modeling?  

Modeling gigs! 

What do you think about being a model on the side or even just trying it once? My Gigs List has a variety of modeling opportunities for women who are looking to become a model or who just want to try it out. 

To be a new model you must be over 18 years old but no older than 40 and have an ordinary decent build. You don't have to look perfect so don’t worry! 

No experience required

Whatever professional skills you might have or the current job you possess are irrelevant. For you to be a new model, you must have interest and a decent build that’s all. If you have some doubts about modeling, take a look at this post so you can put your mind at ease.

Start modeling now! 

You can get started by filling out the model application form listed on any of the modeling posts. If you’re just interested in making a little extra cash and don't want to be a full-time model you still can apply to any of the photo shoots. Don’t hesitate because you’re only looking for a side gig and not a modeling career.  

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Below are my ongoing modeling jobs just scroll down and browse through to find what is right for you. You don’t need to be an experienced model who has training from a modeling school to participate in the photo shoots. V the photographer provides coaching to new models with poses on paper, so you learn how to pose just like a pro!      

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Boudoir Model Photography Pittsburgh, PA

Boudoir Model Photography Are you looking to have attractive Boudoir or lingerie images done? Maybe you’re interested in being a model? If you’re just interested in having private pictures taken or want to model but don’t know where to start, you can begin right here to set up your photo shoot with V the photographer. … Read more

Lingerie Nude Modeling Jobs Pittsburgh

Do you occasionally browse online for Pittsburgh modeling jobs or gigs? Do you have second thoughts about responding to those online posts? If you’re not sure about applying to modeling posts online, then apply to my gigs list. Everything is legit here, and you don’t have to worry about a scam or being fooled.     … Read more

Thong Modeling Females Wanted

I am a local Pittsburgh Photographer who is searching for attractive, well-built females who are over the age of 18. This photo shoot will consist of the model wearing fashion clothing or everyday attire then undressing to pose in the thong and bra. No modeling experience is required to participate in my photo shoot. All you … Read more

Photo Shoots Tfcd Females Wanted

Hello, I am a Pittsburgh photographer who is currently seeking to work with females who are 18 + for a TFCD photo shoot so I can add to my portfolio. I do many photo shoots and always need to models for my projects. Possibly you are an interested model who wants to start/build a portfolio. … Read more

5′-4″- 5′-7″ Female Models Wanted

I’m a local photographer in Pittsburgh who owns a glamour model publication, and I’m seeking females who are 5′-4″ to 5′-7″ tall with a well-built figure to model in my photo shoots. You don’t have to have experience! I’m looking for ordinary women who are over 18 years old and who are interested in the fashions … Read more

Co-ed Modeling College Girls Pittsburgh

Co-ed Modeling College Girls Pittsburgh I am a local photographer in Pittsburgh who is looking for attractive females to model in my co-ed photo shoot. If you are interested in glamour modeling and are over 18 years old, this may be for you. I am working on a school girl/co-ed photo shoot edition for my site … Read more

Lingerie Nude Modeling Gig

Lingerie nude modeling gig for attractive adult females in the Pittsburgh area who are interested in modeling or just a side gig. I am V the  photographer, and I need  women over 18 years of age who are interested in being a lingerie and nude model. You should be capable of modeling in the following … Read more

Sweater Dress Modeling Gig (Pittsburgh)

For this particular gig, I need a fit female model particularly a woman who is either looking to get into modeling or who would is just looking for a quick gig. You should be interested in doing a photo shoot wearing a sweater dress and posing with a thong and bra. What to bring What … Read more

Topless Female Models Needed

Are you interested in becoming a topless female model? But, you’re skeptical about finding a legit gig on Craigslist. Well, look no further and check out my current modeling gig below for the Pittsburgh area. I always need new faces to model for my model publications, and my model gig may be what you’re looking … Read more